Reach Trucks for Sale


Reach Trucks for Sale in Houston & Dallas

Our reach trucks consistently deliver efficient performance across a spectrum of demanding applications.

With the guidance of our seasoned sales team, we can help pinpoint the optimal solution tailored to your specific work floor needs.

Discover Elevated Material Handling

Experience Peerless Efficiency Now! With the array of options in Upright Forklift Repair’s reach truck lineup, anticipate significant boosts in efficiency from both your operators and trucks. This invariably leads to remarkable savings concerning service, repair, and energy expenditures.

Commonly dubbed as "reach forklifts" or "reach stackers", reach trucks are among the most coveted pieces of equipment for warehouse tasks.

Their signature forward-moving mast, coupled with a slender chassis, positions them as prime choices for pallet storage and retrieval in constricted aisles.

Reasons to Opt for Reach Trucks from Upright Forklift Repair:


Budget Limitations?

We've Got You Covered! Delve into our reach truck financing options and see how they can advance your operations. Our committed squad is on standby to provide expert insights and tailored strategies.

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Reach Truck Financing in Houston & Dallas, TX

Sturdy Reach Trucks Tailored for Warehousing Needs With an array of reach truck offerings, we’re here to enhance warehouse efficiency. Reach out to us today at (346) 559-8290 to discuss optimal solutions for refining warehouse productivity and material handling.

Performance Beyond Compare

Tailored for challenging warehouse conditions, our reach stackers showcase exemplary lifting prowess and durable construction. Navigate storage with ease, making the most of available space and efficient stacking even at substantial heights.

Harness Your Warehouse’s Full Potential – A Mastery of Space and Navigation With our reach forklifts, navigating tight spaces is straightforward.

Their streamlined yet durable design ensures effortless maneuverability, allowing full warehouse access without any compromise on safety or efficiency.

Get in touch with Upright Forklift Repair now at (346) 559-8290. Let our seasoned professionals guide you to the reach truck that perfectly aligns with your warehouse needs.

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