Upright Forklift Maintenance & Repair – Cypress, TX

Every business involved in storage or transportation inevitably relies on forklifts during their operational processes.

However, these indispensable tools, including scissor lifts, need regular care to remain operational.

Facing fork or brake issues? Or aiming to preserve your equipment's lifespan? Upright Forklift Repair is your trusted partner for repairs and regular maintenance in Cypress, Harris County, and beyond.

Reach out to us at (346) 559-8290. Let us help you reduce potential expenses by ensuring your forklift remains in top-notch condition.

Cypress, TX - Your Destination for Forklift Care

A malfunctioning forklift can disrupt your operations, and downtime often translates to lost profits.

Through proactive and professional maintenance, you can sidestep frequent wear-related issues that could impede your forklift's functionality.

Encountering forklift issues? 📞 (346) 559-8290 We service the following brands:

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Is your lift giving you trouble?

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Expert Lift Truck Services & Repairs

Based in Houston, TX, we're not just limited to scheduled maintenance. In emergencies, we're your go-to for prompt repairs, covering all brands and models.

Your forklift, whether standalone or part of a fleet, is vital for your business. Let us design a maintenance plan tailored for your needs, aiming to minimize downtime.

If ever you face a breakdown, remember we're just one call away. Need assistance? Dial (346) 559-8290 or explore our range of services.

Issues We Address:

Safety and peak performance are our commitment. Let us provide you with a detailed inspection.

Need Forklift or Aerial Repair?

Locations Surrounding Houston That We Cover

If your forklift requires service in of the areas below, We have you covered!

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