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Crown Lift Trucks: The Ultimate Workhorse for Your Business

Crown Equipment Corporation stands as a beacon in the material handling industry, renowned for its range of Crown lift trucks and forklifts. Known for their robust construction and innovative design, Crown’s fleet offers solutions tailored to how operators meet the varied demands of the material handling sector.

crown lift trucks

WE CARRY ALL TYPES OF NEW AND USED CROWN LIFT TRUCKS and Electric rider pallet trucks.

Whether your application requires new or used lift trucks, our inventory is stocked with the finest selection of lift truck model. From rugged real world challenges to specific warehouse needs, Crown offers a full line of lift trucks to meet every requirement.

Crown Forklifts – The Right Forklift for Almost Every Need

The range of Crown forklifts is unmatched in its versatility. With models like the diesel pneumatic tire forklift and the electric counterbalance forklifts, these machines are designed to operate efficiently in diverse environments, from rugged outdoor applications to narrow aisles in warehouses.

crown forklift trucks

Exceptional Performance, Award-winning Design

Crown’s front lift truck and trucks are celebrated for their exceptional performance and award-winning design. They are engineered to boost operator productivity and ensure impressive driving performance, making them a superior choice in the material handling sector.

Electric Counterbalance Forklifts

Crown’s electric counterbalance forklifts are a testament to the company’s commitment to electric operation and energy savings. These forklifts provide extraordinary maneuverability and application flexibility, ensuring they fit a variety of pallet handling applications.

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Used Crown equipment and service comes with a guarantee of quality. These pre-owned machines, including the popular Crown lift, offer long-lasting value, showcasing Crown’s dedication to providing solutions that are both efficient and economically viable.


Boast a vast inventory of Crown forklifts, ready to meet the demands of any location. From stand up counterbalanced trucks to rider pallet trucks, we have the right combination of forklift, equipment and services to address your specific needs.

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Providing Solutions That Improve Productivity

Crown is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance productivity. With a focus on ergonomic controls and operator comfort, Crown’s trucks, like the turret trucks and narrow aisle reach trucks, are designed to work safely and efficiently.

IC Counterbalance Cushion Tire Forklifts

For those who need a reliable internal combustion forklift, Crown’s IC Counterbalance Cushion Tire Forklifts offer the power and durability required for heavy lifting. They are perfect for handling tasks in more demanding environments.

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Man Up Order Pickers

Crown’s Man Up Order Pickers revolutionize the order picking process. These machines prioritize operator comfort and equipment safety, ensuring an efficient and streamlined operation.

Reaching New Heights in Productivity

Crown’s reach trucks, known for their breakthrough lift heights and industry-leading ergonomics, are ideal for businesses looking to store materials efficiently and maximize warehouse space.

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Reach Trucks

Crown’s reach trucks stand out in the industry. They are engineered for narrow aisle truck applications, offering extraordinary maneuverability and superior value.

Crown Connected Fleet Management Solutions

Crown offers cutting-edge fleet management solutions. These technologies not only enhance operator productivity but also provide critical insights to help manage a fleet more effectively.

crown lift trucks Houston

FAQ Section

  • Who owns Crown lift trucks? Crown lift trucks are a proud part of the Crown family, a company with a legacy of quality and innovation in the material handling industry.
  • What does Crown lift trucks do? Crown lift trucks provide comprehensive material handling solutions, from pallet trucks to advanced fleet management services.
crown lift trucks Houston tx
  • Is Crown a good forklift brand? Crown is recognized for its solid construction and ability to meet rugged real world challenges, making it a highly respected brand in the forklift market.
  • What companies use Crown forklifts? Various companies across multiple industries use Crown forklifts for their reliability, power, and innovative features.
crown lift trucks Houston texas
  • How much is a Crown lift? The cost of a Crown lift varies based on the model and specific requirements of the application.
  • How high do Crown lifts go? Crown lifts offer a range of lifting capabilities, designed to meet diverse warehouse and material handling needs.
  • How many locations does Crown lift trucks have? Crown lift trucks have a global presence, with numerous locations to serve customers worldwide.
crown lift trucks texas


Crown Equipment Corporation remains a leader in the material handling industry, offering a wide range of forklifts and trucks to meet every need. With a focus on quality, power, and innovation, Crown continues to provide long-term value and superior solutions to its customers. If you need crown forklift repair or maintenance then Upright Forklift repair is your leading provider.


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