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With over 20 years of combined experience, Upright Forklift Repair stands as a beacon of trust for lifting equipment solutions.

When it's about inspecting, maintaining, or repairing your forklift or hydraulic lift devices, reach out to us at (346) 559-8290. We promise precision, fair pricing, and swiftness in every service, aligning with top industry standards.

Why Choose Upright Forklift Repair?

Reliable Forklift Maintenance

To maximize profitability and ensure uninterrupted operations, businesses must ensure their forklifts are in prime condition. This calls for timely and precise maintenance, reducing both downtime and repair costs.

For thorough inspections and unmatched safety standards, trust only Upright. Your safety drives us!

Discuss the perfect maintenance plan for your machinery: (346) 559-8290

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Proudly serving Dallas, TX and surrounding regions.

Upright Forklift Repair Company | Forklift Repair Service Houston

Is your lift giving you trouble?

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Swift Emergency Forklift Repairs On-Site

Unexpected disruptions need immediate solutions. Whether it's engine glitches, transmission issues, hydraulics, brakes, or electrical malfunctions, our skilled technician ensures swift, quality repairs.

In urgent scenarios, reach out to us at (346) 559-8290. We'll ensure you're back to smooth operations promptly.

In need of forklift or elevated repair solutions? Request a Quote 📞 (346) 559-8290.

Need Forklift or Aerial Repair?

Locations Surrounding Houston That We Cover

If your forklift requires service in of the areas below, We have you covered!

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